Ep. 6 – The General

Welcome back! This week on The Prisoner Podcast we look at some military history: Generals, and that…sort…of thing, and continue to ponder 6’s aversion to women, and why the hell he even sticks his nose in this business in the first place as we cover The General


If you’ve never seen it, here’s some links to learn more about Dark City, a very cool sci-fi flick from the 90’s:

Dark City Trailer

Dark City IMDB Listing

Also, after doing a little digging, I found out that the writer of The General, Lewis Greifer, created the pseudonym “Joshua Adam” in honor of his two sons, whose upcoming school tests at the time inspired Greifer to come up with the story for The General. Very cool!

For some more info on Greifer, who also wrote some Doctor Who, check out his IMDB page.


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