Ep. 15 – The Girl Who Was Death

Hey there, Prisoner Pals!

This week on The Prisoner Podcast, we learn all about recording errors, crappy rear screen projection, gratuitous machine guns and trolling Amazon reviews with episode 15, The Girl Who Was Death!



Next week we will be taking a breather before diving in to the two-part Prisoner finale by covering a few choice episodes of Danger Man (or Secret Agent, if you prefer), the Patrick McGoohan spy show that preceded The Prisoner! If you’d like to follow along, the episodes we will be covering are:

Ep. 1 – View From The Villa (which features a very familiar setting)

Ep. 42 – Colony Three (a stylistic precursor to The Prisoner)

And for extra credit if you choose, the final two episodes of Danger Man, Koroshi  and Shinda Shima


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