Ep. 16 – Danger Man

Hey there, Prisoner Pals!

This week on The Prisoner Podcast, we take a side step and delve into Danger Man, the spy series that made ol’ Paddy McG a star, and provided the never ending question of “is Number 6 actually John Drake?” – Well we talk about that, as well as a host of other things in our coverage of Danger Man!



Here’s a link to the site I got a lot of info from, which has tons of great info on Danger Man:


If you’d like to listen to all three versions of Danger Man’s theme song in one handy youtube video, you can do that here!

If you’re interested in the documentary about the making of The Island of Doctor Moreau, check it out here:

Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley’s The Island of Doctor Moreau
That’s it for this weekend, see you back again next week for Once Upon A Time!

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